Universities, colleges, and high schools can now stream popular films like Killing Us Softly 4, Dreamworlds, Tough Guise 2, and many more titles via a hosted streaming subscription service! We offer 1 year and 3 year subscriptions.

Features of the Platform Include:
✔ Clip editing tool and playlist creation
✔ IP range and proxy server authentication
✔ Easy embedding in your learning management system
✔ An opportunity for students to comment using social media integration
✔ Unlimited, simultaneous access by all authorized users at your campus to all films licensed by your institution
✔ Comprehensive usage statistics for administrators
✔ MARC Records
✔ Interactive Transcripts
✔ Captions

To subscribe to a streaming subscription for individual titles, just visit the store page for the title of your choice and select the “Streaming Subscription” format and either “3-year” or “1-year” for license.*

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Looking for a shorter-term, on-demand option? We offer 7-day on-demand streaming rentals, too.**

* Please note: 1-year and 3-year streaming subscriptions take 2-3 business days to activate.
** Please note: 7-day on-demand streaming rentals are not hosted on the same platform as 1 and 3-year hosted streaming subscriptions, nor do they include features such as clip-editing, LMS embedding, playlist creation, etc.