NOW ON DVD! Former NFL Player Tackles Gender Violence and Violent Masculinity

you throw like a girl


“Groundbreaking. A powerful resource for engaging young people—especially men—in potentially life-changing dialogue.”

— Jackson Katz | Author of The Macho Paradox

We’re thrilled to let you know that our new film You Throw Like a Girl: The Blind Spot of Masculinity is now available on DVD! In the film, leading anti-violence educator Don McPherson, a former college football star and NFL veteran, explores how narrow cultural definitions of manhood create blind spots that do untold harm to women and men alike. Drawing on examples from his storied football career and his decades of experience working with athletes and members of the U.S. armed forces, McPherson forces us to confront the deep-seated cultural roots of sexism, misogyny, and gender violence, and lays out a more positive, empowering, and healthy vision of manhood. Directed by award-winning filmmakers Peter Hutchison and Lucas Sabean (Healing from Hate: Battle for the Soul of a Nation).

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