Don’t miss this “timely antidote to the rise of fake news”

It’s never been more important to remind ourselves what uncompromising and fact-based journalism and reporting look like.

That’s why we we’re thrilled to recommend the new documentary Robert Scheer: Above the Fold, Julie M. Thompson and Brogan de Paor’s gripping profile of legendary journalist and activist Robert Scheer.

Robert Scheer: Above the Fold traces Scheer’s iconic 30-year career trajectory across dramatic shifts in journalistic platforms, from his Vietnam war reporting for Rampartsmagazine in the 1960s to his iconic and news-making interviews with Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton as a columnist for The Los Angeles Times to his popular political podcast today — reminding us that journalism, at its best, is about pursuing the truth at all costs.

At a time when debates about “fake news,” “filter bubbles,” and the dumbing down of commercial news media have moved to the center of mainstream discussion, Robert Scheer – Above the Fold is a great teaching tool for courses in journalism, politics, and the hypercommercialization of media. Features Norman Lear, Jane Fonda, Arianna Huffington, Daniel Ellsberg, and others.

Praise for Robert Scheer — Above the Fold

“A crucial intervention in contemporary debates over journalism and the truth, over America’s imperial wars abroad, over civil rights and race, and over social justice and corporate influence.”

— Juan Cole | Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History, University of Michigan

“Robert Scheer is someone who reminds us that it’s both possible and crucial to do politically engaged journalism that truly matters, without fear or compromise. I hope this film introduces him to new generations of rabble rousers and boat rockers who will heed the call and take up his mantle.”

— Zack Furness | Associate Professor of Communications, Penn State University

“Provides a critical and timely antidote to the rise of fake news and the demagogues who fan its flames.”

— Mohamad Bazzi | Associate Professor of Journalism, New York University

“This is a marvelous documentary on a great journalist. It brilliantly documents the highly productive life of a person who says, ‘I want to be as honest as I can.’”

— Karl Grossman | Professor of Journalism, SUNY