WATCH NOW: Panel of Experts Discuss the Military-Entertainment Complex

“We’re living in an information war. Americans, en masse, are basically being propagandized to approve of these forever wars.”

— Mnar Adley, Award-winning Palestinian-American journalist

“As somebody who did Public Affairs for the military as an active-duty service member, my job was to make the military look sexy. And that’s what Hollywood filmmakers are employed to do – make the military look as sexy as possible.”
­­— Fatooma Saad, Media scholar, former U.S. military communication specialist

If you couldn’t tune into Tuesday night’s timely and fascinating panel Silver Screen War Machine: Decoding the Military-Entertainment Complex, you can watch it online for free now!

This special event, which MEF co-sponsored with Project Censored, brought together leading experts on U.S. militarism and propaganda to discuss the acclaimed new documentary Theaters of War: How the Pentagon & CIA Took Hollywood and its relevance to the information wars being waged on behalf of U.S. foreign policy in Gaza, Ukraine, China, and beyond.

Panelists include award-winning Palestinian-American journalist MNAR ADLEY, the founder, director, and editor-in-chief of MintPress News, and president and director of the nonprofit media organization Behind the Headlines; award-winning media scholar ROBIN ANDERSON, a leading expert on “militainment” culture and Professor Emerita of Media Studies at Fordham University; FATOOMA SAAD, a Defense Information School-trained U.S. military veteran with experience in military communication and public affairs strategy and a doctoral student in communication at Wayne State University; and filmmaker and media scholar ROGER STAHL, director, editor, and narrator of Theaters of War, Professor of Communication at the University of Georgia, and author of several influential books and articles on the nexus of military propaganda and U.S. entertainment culture. The panel is moderated by journalism professor and author MICKEY HUFF, director of Project Censored and president of the nonprofit Media Freedom Foundation.

To coincide with the panel, we’re streaming Theaters of War free through the end of this week.

Theaters of War is also streaming through universities and public libraries on Kanopy, and is available in other digital formats and DVD.

If you’re an educator or activist who would like to use the film in your classes or host a campus or community screening, please click here.