For Pride Month, Screen Kami Chisholm’s Provocative Documentary “Pride Denied: Homonationalism & the Future of Queer Politics”


During LGBTQ Pride Month in June, we urge you to screen Kami Chisholm’s thought-provoking documentary Pride Denied: Homonationalism & the Future of Queer Politics. Chisholm tells the story of how corporate sponsors have coopted the very concept of LGBTQ pride, turning it into a feel-good brand and blunting its radical political edge. Moving from pride’s deeply political roots in the Stonewall uprising of 1969 to the depoliticized big-business PRIDE™ spectacles of today, Pride Denied makes a compelling case for returning to the progressive political activism that characterized the early LGBTQ rights movement.

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“Chisholm’s bold documentary Pride Denied moves beyond same-sex marriage, parades and gays in the military to examine ongoing sites of oppression in the US and Canada for queer and trans people that have been largely overlooked by mainstream media in the clamouring to celebrate the legal right to marry.”

— Cinema Politica

“By highlighting the ways in which social issues are often obfuscated by the mainstream media and its appropriation of gay culture, Pride Denied opens up space for valuable discussion.”


“Asserts a necessary reminder of…how gay rights for a privileged few make invisible once again the daily struggles of many GLBTQ citizens around the world. Likely to provoke lively debates [and] begin a conversation about the work still to do in achieving true social equality.”

— Katherine Sender | Professor of Communication, University of Michigan




How are we to make sense of the transformation in gay representation — from virtual invisibility before 1970 to the “gay chic” of today? Off the Straight & Narrow is the first in-depth documentary to cast a critical eye over the growth of gay images on TV. Leading media scholars provide the historical and cultural context for exploring the social implications of these new representations.




Against the backdrop of political and social issues affecting the GLBT community, such as gay marriage and AIDS, Further Off the Straight & Narrow takes a close look at sitcoms, reality shows, and premium cable programming as it explores how representations of GLBT characters have become more complex and varied in recent years.




This educational “kit” — which includes a video, a poster, and “Safe Space” stickers — is intended to help coaches/teachers, parents, and school administrators educate students/athletes about the harmful effects of homophobia and asks the question, “How can we make sure that people in athletics are evaluated, not based on their sexual orientation or gender expression, but on their individual character and accomplishments?”




Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) students and their allies face unique challenges of violence and harassment in schools. Speak Up! explores what these students and their allies have done to transform their schools into safer and more welcoming environments. Interviews with students, parents, teachers, administrators and national activists highlight not only the need for transformation, but offer resources and advice for those actively working for change.