WATCH: Prominent scholars, filmmakers & activists honor Jean Kilbourne’s groundbreaking work

We were thrilled to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Jean Kilbourne’s groundbreaking Killing Us Softly video series last month at Smith College with an all-star panel discussion and a series of moving tributes.

You can watch the event in its entirety here. 

Kilbourne was joined at the event by award-winning filmmakers Elena Rossini and Byron Hurt, Feminist Press Executive Director Jamia Wilson, Women in Media & News Founding Director Jennifer Pozner, author and feminist cultural critic Susan J. Douglas, educator, author, and creator of Tough Guise 2 Jackson Katz, and MEF Executive Director Sut Jhally.

In addition to the panel, you can stream videos featured at the event, watch a slideshow, and read coverage of the evening in Ms. Magazine and other outlets here.

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