Celebrating over two decades working with women filmmakers, thought leaders, and activists


Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women.

Ahead of this year’s celebration, we want to highlight the Media Education Foundation’s many collaborations with women filmmakers, media scholars, cultural critics, authors, and activists over the years.

Below you’ll find just a sampling of MEF films made by women or based on their work. The topics of these titles vary widely, ranging from unrealistic media representations of beauty to right-wing attacks on women’s reproductive freedom and sexual autonomy to news coverage of war and terrorism. But they share in common a desire to encourage independent thinking about the dominant media narratives that shape – and too often limit – our understanding of the world.

At a time when the struggle for women’s rights is facing resurgent political threats, we’re as committed as ever to making sure women’s voices continue to be heard.

Please take a minute to browse the collection!

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