“A hopeful expression of how hate does not need to be the end of the road.”


“A great film. I was moved somewhere beyond words. Required viewing for anyone who truly wants to understand the hatred that is running rampant in America and the world.”
— Unseen Films


Most mainstream discussions about the rise of white-supremacist hate groups have focused on efforts within the criminal justice system to weed out and crack down on individuals and organizations that trade in racism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of far-right violent extremism. There’s been a lot less attention paid to ongoing efforts to understand and defuse the actual appeal of these hate groups.

For a close look at this equally important part of the story, don’t miss our critically acclaimed release Healing from Hate: Battle for the Soul of a Nation.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Peter Hutchison, Healing from Hate tells the deeply moving story of a remarkable group of former skinheads and neo-Nazis who are working on the front lines to deradicalize violent extremists and help them lead compassionate lives.

Healing from Hate is now available on DVD, via 7-day streaming rental through MEF, or through your university on the Kanopy streaming platformClick here to see if your university subscribes to Kanopy, and contact us if you’d like to host a virtual public screening.


Praise for Healing From Hate 


“A hopeful expression of how hate does not need to be the end of the road.”
— CBS News


“Makes visible both the urgency of the threat of domestic extremists and the healing power of empathy to overcome the disease of hatred.”
— Beverly Tatum | Author, Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?


“If I had only one film to show my students to make sense of the Capitol riot, this would be it.”
— Sut Jhally | MEF Executive Director, Professor Emeritus at UMass-Amherst


“A no-holds-barred, raw masterpiece defining the causes and solutions for America’s ugliest disease: racism.”
— Daryl Davis | Author, Klan-destine Relationships: A Black Man’s Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan


“Promises to spark the type of collective soul searching our nation desperately needs in these divisive times.”
— Adam Hodges | Author, When Words Trump Politics: Resisting a Hostile Regime of Language


“Goes beyond a shallow understanding of white supremacists as ‘bad’ people to explore the circumstances that draw them into these ideologies. A very useful teaching resource.”
— Dr. Raka Shome | Professor of Communication, Villanova University