Host a Screening of The Bystander Moment for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

If you’re programming events for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October and looking to draw more young men into the discussion, we encourage you to set up a virtual or in-person screening of our film The Bystander Moment: Transforming Rape Culture at its Roots, featuring Jackson Katz.

The Bystander Moment has been earning praise from educators and leaders in the field for its sustained focus on the larger social norms, media narratives, and peer-culture dynamics – especially male peer-culture dynamics – that have contributed to a culture of silence around men’s violence against women.

If you sign up to host a virtual screening of The Bystander Moment between now and October 31st, you’ll get 15% off!

“I’m so thankful this movie exists. Jackson Katz delivers a convincing case for a small fix that could fundamentally change our society in more ways than we can imagine.”

— Liz Plank | Journalist & Executive Producer, Divided States of Women

The Bystander Moment is a must-see documentary. I’ve screened it in my class at Harvard Law, and intend to show it every semester moving forward!”

— Diane L. Rosenfeld, JD, LLM | Director, Gender Violence Program at Harvard Law School

“A great documentary film that builds on the momentum of the #MeToo movement and sheds light on what is needed to prevent gender-based violence.”

— Alisha Somji, MPH | Associate Program Manager at the Prevention Institute

The Bystander Moment is a wise and passionate beacon for engaged activism in colleges, sports, the military and workplaces.”

— Michael A. Messner, Ph.D. | Co-author, Some Men: Feminist Allies and the Movement to End Violence Against Women

“The advocates and educators we work with will benefit immensely from this resource.”

— Amanda Grady Sexton | Director of Public Affairs for the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

“A terrific, timely, and necessary video … needs to be screened in classrooms and communities far and wide.”

— Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D., creator of the award-winning Killing Us Softly video series

The Bystander Moment is a great tool for all of us working with men and boys to overcome a culture of violence and misogyny that translates into violence against women and girls.”

— Oswaldo Montoya | MenEngage Alliance