VIDEO: How They Lied Us Into War

In 2006, just three years after the US invasion of Iraq, MEF released a documentary called Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire. The film detailed how the Bush administration manipulated intelligence and brazenly lied to the American people in order to whip up fears of Saddam Hussein. It also showed how the US news media rolled over and did the administration’s bidding.

The film’s effectiveness derived from the incisive and courageous analysis and testimony offered by leading policy analysts and media critics, progressive intellectuals and activists, military veterans and Pentagon whistleblowers. These people willingly spoke out at a time when it was still considered unpatriotic and outside the bounds of respectable debate to criticize the criminal distortions of the Bush administration, the illegality of the war, and the craven performance of US news media. Given the level of denial about the war that still permeates the American political and media establishment, their insights remain as relevant as ever today.

Check out these other selections from the film about the Bush administration’s propaganda effort:



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