Sexism, Misogyny & American Politics

In The Empathy Gap, filmmaker Thomas Keith examines the personal and political fallout of toxic masculinity, arguing that regressive ideas about manhood short-circuit men’s ability to empathize with women.

This six-minute clip from The Empathy Gap takes dead aim at how hypermasculine, sexist attitudes have made American politics hostile territory for women.

Take a look at the clip:


Looking for more video clips to share with your students? We’ve put together an election resource page where you can find more clips from a selection of films that, taken together, provide crucial insights into three of the most potentially consequential story lines of the 2016 campaign: the politics of fear and anxiety, the growing divide between white voters and everyone else, and the massive gender gap that’s developed within the white vote.

Given the potentially decisive impact of these political trends, we hope you’ll consider using these films in your classes to open up discussions about the high stakes of this election.