Red Light Green Light: A Documentary about Prostitution & Trafficking

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We’re pleased to present the newest addition to the MEF collection, Red Light Green Light, a thought-provoking documentary about the root causes of the growing epidemic of sex trafficking.

Most governments around the world have responded to the brutal trade in sex slaves by stepping up prosecutions of traffickers, providing aftercare to victims, and considering legalization of prostitution. But few, if any, have addressed the accelerating demand for sex slaves and prostitutes. In Red Light Green Light, filmmakers Jared and Michelle Brock travel across ten countries to explore that crucial part of the equation, asking how we can prevent sexual exploitation before it happens in the first place.

Along the way, Red Light Green Light delves into the complications law enforcement and anti-trafficking organizations face in addressing exploitation, raises fundamental questions about the gender politics that shape approaches to sex trafficking, and examines the social factors that make some women more vulnerable to victimization.

Check out the trailer below:


A masterpiece of investigative journalism, Red Light Green Light is a call to wisdom, compassion, and action. This movie will change the way we think about, talk about, and decide about the growing plight of women in the sex trade.

— Mark Buchanan, Bestselling Author

A genuine examination of human trafficking and prostitution. A must-watch film.

— Joy Smith, MP, Parliament of Canada

A well-informed and balanced view of the sex trade on a global scale and in its most intimate proportions.

— Joshua Cabrita, Tri-Cities Now