New Release: The Illusionists




WINNER: Best of Show K-12 National Media Market 2015

The Illusionists has been out for about a little over a month now and it’s already garnering incredibly positive feedback from professors, teachers, psychologists, and directors of non-profit agencies.

Just a few weeks ago, it won “Best in Show” for K-12 at the National Media Market, the premier conference for educational media!

The Illusionists is changing the way people around the world define beauty and see themselves. The film — which takes us from the halls of Harvard to the galleries of the Louvre Museum, from a cosmetic surgeon’s office in Beirut to the heart of Tokyo’s Electric Town — explores how these industries saturate our lives with narrow, Westernized, consumer-driven images of beauty that show little to no respect for biological realities or cultural differences.


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