“My seminar was MESMERIZED by The Great White Hoax”

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Quote from Mark Naison

We’re thrilled with the positive response we’ve been getting to our new film, The Great White Hoax: Donald Trump & the Politics of Race and Class in America.

Featuring acclaimed author and anti-racist educator Tim Wise, The Great White Hoaxbreaks down how American political leaders of both parties have exploited white anxiety and resentment, and scapegoated people of color, to divide and conquer working class voters.

While the film’s primary focus is Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for the presidency, it widens its scope to show how Trump’s divisive rhetoric about African-Americans, Latinos, and Muslims fits within a longstanding historical pattern of race-baiting that cuts across partisan lines and goes back centuries in American politics.

The Great White Hoax is an indispensable classroom resource for making sense of white (especially white male) voting patterns and the increasingly angry backlash against pluralism, multiculturalism, and progressive social change.

Below is just a sampling of what we’ve been hearing from educators and political observers around the country. For more reaction, and for more information about how to get the film for your classes or for community screenings, please visit GreatWhiteHoax.org.

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