Man Trap


Being a man in this culture requires you to confront every challenge and conflict boldly…except intimacy.  Intimacy is more daunting than a burning building for many men.  And intimacy with other men?  Expressed non-sexual affection… forget about it.

And why is that?  Why can’t men bring themselves to say “I love you” to other men they care for?  Why is acknowledging common human vulnerability tantamount to an admission of failure and a source of shame?

The Emmy nominated film Five Friends prompts those questions and explores the value of stepping out of the narrow roles men are assigned in our society.

Written and produced by Erik Santiago, the film follows 65-year-old Hank Mandel as he relates to five male friends about the the spectrum of their shared lives and their struggles and triumphs.  Insights are provided by Sociologist Michael Kimmel and Pastor Alan Frow.

Five Friends has been nominated for a regional Emmy in the Documentary category in the Boston/New England market coming up June 1st.

Be sure to check out the website for the film for more information and compelling outtakes.