Challenge Negative Stereotypes by Screening Latinos Beyond Reel During National Hispanic Heritage Month

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Negative Latino stereotypes not only permeate films and television but are also prevalent in cartoons targeted at children. Even in animal forms, we see blatantly racist caricatures of Latinos.

If you’re looking to program events for National Hispanic Heritage Month next month, consider setting up a campus screening of the timely documentary Latinos Beyond Reel.

Miguel Picker and Chyng Sun’s powerful film offers an eye-opening look at Latino media representations over time, and explores how these representations have shaped public attitudes and American political culture. The film argues that while Latinos may be the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population and an increasingly formidable political force, they continue to be marginalized and misrepresented across American news and entertainment media – appearing mostly, if at all, as one-dimensional criminals and illegal aliens.

Coordinate a screening on your campus for National Hispanic Heritage Month

Latinos Beyond Reel is an ideal tool for raising awareness about the reality and richness of Latino culture, and the political and social costs of cultural stereotypes.

From now through the middle of October, we’re offering you a 30% coupon if you sign up to host a screening of Latinos Beyond Reel on your campus.



Latinos Beyond Reel takes a close look at how U.S. news and entertainment media alternately ignore and stereotype Latinos despite their growing power and influence. The film draws on the insights of Latino scholars, journalists, community leaders, actors, directors, and producers who have experienced the consequences of these distortions first hand, and have been fighting to change the status quo. The result is a powerful and dynamic teaching tool, one that forces students to think critically about why media representations matter.

We need your help to make sure Latinos Beyond Reel is seen on as many college campuses as possible throughout National Hispanic Heritage Month — and beyond! We hope you’ll join with us and host a screening of your own.


Latinos Beyond Reel: Challenging a Media Stereotype is a comprehensive and powerful exploration of stereotypes of Latinos and Latinas in American media. Whether one dimensional representations are in film, cartoons, television shows, or in news the documentary makes clear that the effects are powerful, not only on Latinos but also on other populations’ perceptions of Latinos. By examining both historical and contemporary representations, animated or actual, the film shows how stereotypes go beyond the symbolic realm and can harm the minds and bodies of Latinos, particularly children.

Debra Merskin, Ph.D. | Professor of Communication at the University of Oregon

Latinos Beyond Reel is a must-see documentary. It highlights how Latinos are, on the one hand, stereotyped by the media (film as well as news), and on the other hand, ignored and minimized. As a black Puerto Rican sociologist who suffers ‘en carne propia’ many of the things highlighted in this documentary, endorse it wholeheartedly and will use it in my classes.

Eduardo Bonilla Silva, Ph.D. | Professor of Sociology at Duke University

Latinos Beyond Reel includes a diversity of voices, from Latino children to university professors, that challenges viewers to consider the harmful consequences of the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of Latinos in U.S. media. This film is a must-see and makes a convincing argument for the critical need for better representation of Latinos in the media.

Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Missouri