Documentaries for Sexual Assault Awareness Month


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month — and this year we have an opportunity to raise awareness like never before.

As we hear one story after another about men’s harassment and abuse, and as we are starting to see the emergence of an unfortunately predictable backlash against the #MeToo campaign, it’s essential that we keep the national conversation about sexual assault going.

It’s also crucial for us to continue to shine a light on the myriad ways men’s abusive behavior has been normalized by the culture.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a curated package of four documentary films about the cultural forces that contribute to sexism, misogyny, and gender violence. Each of these films is designed to engage students in honest conversations about how cultural norms — and especially mass media messages — shape our attitudes about sex, pleasure, and the line between consent and coercion.

To mark Sexual Assault Awareness Month and help you in your educational efforts, we’ve bundled these four films together at a very special discounted rate.*

Let’s keep listening to those who speak out about their experiences of sexual harassment and rape.

Let’s continue to find ways to make these stories translate into activism, cultural change, and policy change.

Let’s keep on connecting the dots between cultural norms and gender violence.

And — most importantly — let’s continue fighting together for a world free of violent masculinity and sexual assault.


* Offer not to be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Offer expires April 30, 2018.