Classroom Films for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day

Filmmaker Elena Rossini in Paris. Photo by Danielle Voirin.


“Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.”

— From the International Women’s Day website

As International Women’s Day approaches next week, and as we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month through the end of March, we’re highlighting the work of the scores of women filmmakers and thought leaders we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with over the years.

Below you’ll find a sampling of MEF films either made by women or based on their work. These titles cover an array of topics, including media representations of gender, race, and power; dominant ideals of female beauty; the culture of abuse in athletics; escalating right-wing attacks on women’s autonomy and reproductive freedom; and the influence of government propaganda on U.S. news media coverage of war and militarism.

As varied as these films are, they share a common commitment to helping young people think critically about the dominant media narratives that frame — and too often limit — our understanding of the world.

The Souls of Black Girls
Directed by Daphne Valerius

Constructing the Terrorist Threat
Featuring Deepa Kumar

Latinos Beyond Reel
Co-directed by Chyng Sun

Killing Us Softly 4
Featuring Jean Kilbourne

A film by Diane Israel

Broken Trust
Directed by Jill Yesko

No Logo
Featuring Naomi Klein

The Illusionists
Directed by Elena Rossini