Don’t miss this powerful profile of legendary journalist Robert Scheer

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Above the Fold Accolades

As the 2020 presidential election heats up, we’re thrilled to recommend Robert Scheer: Above the Fold, Julie M. Thompson and Brogan de Paor’s gripping documentary about legendary journalist and activist Robert Scheer. As concerns about disinformation, distorted news media framing, and the dumbing down of American political coverage continue to grow, Robert Scheer: Above the Fold is a great teaching tool for courses that look at journalism, politics, propaganda, and corporate news media.


Mohamad Bazzi“Provides a critical and timely antidote to the rise of fake news and the demagogues who fan its flames.” 
— Mohamad Bazzi | Associate Professor of Journalism, NYU

Darlena Cunha“A must-see for all journalism and communications students.” 
— Darlena Cunha | Writer and Adjunct Professor of Journalism, University of Florida

Juan Cole

“A crucial intervention in contemporary debates over journalism and the truth.” 
— Juan Cole | Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History, University of Michigan

Gianluca Sgueo“Through his critical and acute remarks, Scheer has offered a valuable contribution to the maturation of American democracy.”
— Gianluca Sgueo | Global Professor, New York University – Florence