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The Price of Pleasure
the Price of Pleasure >> Press Release
The below offer has expired. Thank you to all of you who responded and organized screenings. Due to this effort, the film was screened or will be screened on more than one hundred college campuses in the months of April and May.

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April 27, 2009 – In the view of filmmakers Chyng Sun and Miguel Picker, the cure for bad speech is more speech. That’s exactly why they came up with a plan to get their hard-hitting documentary film about the porn industry screened on as many college campuses as possible.
In response to the national controversy surrounding the screening of a hardcore porn film at the University of Maryland in College Park in early April, Sun and Picker cut a deal with their distributor to do exactly what Digital Playground, the makers of the porn film in question, did with their film: made it available at no charge to any campus that wanted to show it.
During the month of April, the Media Education Foundation, one of the nation’s leading distributors of educational films on media and social and cultural issues, sent out more than one hundred copies, on a free 3-week loan, of Sun and Picker’s exposé of the industry to faculty and students who were willing to screen the documentary on their college campuses to widen the debate started by this controversy.
The firestorm at the University of Maryland ignited when students decided to screen a $10 million-dollar, 2 ½-hour hardcore porn film called Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge, which is being offered to campuses around the country for free by Digital Playground as part of an innovative marketing strategy. When state legislators tried to stop the screening, students on the campus fought back, claiming their free speech rights were being threatened by overly moralistic politicians.
“The reason we did this was simple,” said Sut Jhally, the Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation. “What’s needed on this issue is more discussion, not less, and this film is a perfect vehicle for achieving this. If students are serious about their defense of free speech and open debate, they’ll fight to make sure this documentary is shown as well.”
The Price of Pleasure intervenes in the mainstream debates that often surround pornography by moving beyond them. It takes a comprehensive and often disturbing look at pornography and its impact on the wider culture, placing the voices of producers, performers, industry critics, and anti-porn activists alongside candid observations from men and women about the role pornography has played in their lives.
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* Institutions and individuals who wish to screen this film on their campus or in their commmunity and make this film a part of their permanent collection may BUY THE DVD here.
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