“Perfect for classroom use to inspire critical thinking about gender relations”

“Perfect for classroom use to inspire critical thinking and spirited discussion about gender relations.”

— James W. Messerschmidt | Distinguished University Professor of Sociology, University of Southern Maine

Author and anti-violence educator Don McPherson, a former college football star and NFL veteran, breaks down the social forces and male peer culture dynamics that perpetuate sexism and gender violence in our new release You Throw Like a Girl: The Blind Spot of Masculinity. McPherson, a longtime leader in the gender violence prevention field, draws on his storied football career to show how narrow cultural definitions of manhood normalize sexism and misogyny and create a culture of silence around men’s violence against women.

The film, directed by Peter Hutchison and Lucas Sabean, the team behind our acclaimed new release The Man Card: White Male Identity Politics from Nixon to Trump, has been earning high praise from educators for inspiring critical thinking about the regressive, and often self-destructive, gender norms that circulate in media and peer cultures.

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Praise for You Throw Like a Girl


Jackson Katz


“Groundbreaking. A powerful resource for engaging young people — especially men — in potentially life-changing dialogue.”

— Jackson Katz | Author, The Macho Paradox



“Poignantly reveals the mental and physical harms of traditional American masculinity, [and] illustrates what becomes possible when boys and men are able to fully realize their humanity beyond rigid masculinity norms.”

— Joseph Derrick Nelson | Author, Unjust Resilience: Black Boyhood, Academic Success, and the Middle School Years




“Compelling … powerful … thoughtful and inspiring.”

— Marianne Schnall | Author, What Will It Take to Make a Woman President?



“Today more than ever, young men hunger for new models of masculinity. Don McPherson, long a national leader in expanding public discussions of gender, violence, relationships and intimacy, illuminates a pathway for boys and men toward a healthy, life-enhancing and egalitarian future. You Throw Like a Girl will quickly become a foundational educational resource for high school and colleges courses, sports teams, and other organizations.”

— Michael Messner | University of Southern California



“Don McPherson directly engages with young men and with a culture of violence, empathizing with and meeting young people where they are. A wonderful addition to courses on sex and gender, violence, culture and sports.”

— Dr. Heather Hlavka | Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Sciences, Marquette University



“Perfect for classroom use to inspire critical thinking and spirited discussion about gender relations generally and masculinity in particular. I highly recommend it!”

— James W. Messerschmidt | Distinguished University Professor of Sociology, University of Southern Maine



“Don McPherson challenges men to join the fight for gender equality by being ever-growing allies to women.”

— Richard Lapchick | Director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport



“Challenges [us] to think critically about masculinities and gender, and, in doing so, asks us to be brave in envisioning a better future.”

— Dr. Russell Luyt | Head of School of Human Sciences, University of Greenwich



“Demands that now more than ever we begin asking questions –- of each other, our definitions of ‘masculinity’, and ourselves.”

— Frank Karioris | Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, University of Pittsburgh