If you are a high school, nonprofit, NGO, community organization, church, or individual educator and you are interested in streaming MEF films, we have 7-day streaming rentals available for you, which allow for easy streaming in a classroom or other educational setting.

Order a 7-day digital rental online.

Or please call 1.800.897.0089 or e-mail [email protected]. Please note that a minimum 24-hr. advance notice is required for digital rentals. (Rentals for Monday must be requested by 10 AM on Friday.)

When ordering a 7-day streaming rental, please be prepared to provide us with the following:
* The name of the film(s) you wish to rent
* The dates you would like to rent the film(s) for
* The name of the person or organization renting the films
* Prepayment by credit card. Universities, colleges, and high schools may pay with an official PO.