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frequently asked questions

How do I place an order for DVDs?
There are several ways to order:
Online at
Visit the Video Store section of our site, go to the page for the video you are interested in, and then simply add it to your cart. You may purchase online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) or choose to pre-pay with a check. (Orders marked as “pre-pay with check will be held until payment is received.) We also accept purchase orders from institutions (colleges, universities, high schools, nonprofits, and public libraries) – we invoice POs with Net 30 terms. If requested, we can bill a specific office that processes payments and ship the DVDs to a separate department.
By mail:
Download and print out an order form or use the order form in the back of a catalog. Fill out the order form and send to:
Media Education Foundation
60 Masonic Street
Northampton, MA 01060
Please include $8.00 for shipping and handling for one film, and $1.00 for each additional title in your order.
By fax:
Download and print an order form. Fill it in and fax to (413) 586.8398. You may also fax us an official purchase order from your institution.
By phone: (Credit card orders only)
Phone the sales department at (413) 584-8500 to place your order. Have your credit card ready.
By e-mail:
Send an email with the titles you would like to purchase at
PLEASE NOTE: We require that all orders placed from outside the U.S. be pre-paid with a credit card or check, or money order. Checks and money orders must be in USD and drawn from a U.S. bank. Please note that checks drawn on foreign banks are non-negotiable and will be returned to you, resulting in a delay in your order.
All orders, whether they are prepaid or billed, will be charged shipping/handling.

How do I place an order for DVDs as an international customer?
MEF ships to every country in the world. We require that all orders placed from outside the U.S. be pre-paid with a credit card, check, or money order. Checks and money orders must be in USD and drawn from a U.S. bank. Please note that checks drawn on foreign banks are non-negotiable and will be returned to you, resulting in a delay in your order.
International customers may always order directly from MEF, but to make your purchasing as easy as possible, we also have a number of MEF-approved educational distributors abroad.

How much does shipping cost?
If you are ordering online, shipping will be calculated by the cart when you place your order. You will have the option to select either USPS or UPS and will have a variety of delivery options and rates to choose from. If you are submitting a purchase order or mailing in a check, please include $8.00 for shipping and handling for one film, and $1.00 for each additional title in your order. Your DVD(s) will be shipped via UPS Ground. International orders will be shipped via USPS. International shipping rates are higher and differ based on the destination country. If you require a different delivery method, please call 1.800.897.0089 for rates.

What is MEF’s exchange and return policy?
MEF takes pride in the quality of our videos and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We will replace any damaged or defective product for free within 90 days of purchase. If you deem that any video is inappropriate for your classroom or library, we will accept its return for a full refund or credit, if it is shipped back in 100% re-sellable condition within 90 days of purchase. Your only cost is return postage. more…

Does MEF offer a volume discount?
MEF does not offer a volume discount (i.e. we do not automatically discount volume orders), but we do offer a Make-Your-Own Series option. A Make-Your-Own Series consists of 5 or more titles of your choice, and, when you choose this option, the films are discounted 20% off their regular prices. We are not able to offer our Make-Your-Own Series online, so call (1.800.897.0089) or fax in your order to take advantage of this option — make sure to specify that you would like a Make-Your-Own Series. We also offer bulk purchasing discounts when you order 2 or more copies of the same title. Please call 1.800.897.0089 for more information about either the Make-Your-Own Series or bulk purchasing.

Do non-profit organizations qualify for the “high school” price?
Yes, community service non-profits (domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, family planning agencies, etc.) qualify for the same discount as high schools. Please refer to “high school” prices in our catalog, or login to our website at the “nonprofit” licensing level. Please note that although many universities have some tax-exempt status, they do not qualify for the same discount which is reserved for non-profit organizations performing community service. Organizations affiliated with a university or college must also pay the University/College price. It is important to note that the nonprofit Media Education Foundation relies on institutional purchases to support the production of our films.

What is the price for Public Libraries?
The DVD price (for most, but not all, of our titles) for public libraries is $34.95 plus shipping and handling. This price includes one time public performance rights. Lifetime public performance rights can be purchased for an additional $50. Films ordered with a public library license must be shipped to a public library address.

Can you explain in more detail your pricing method?
MEF is aware that many schools are on tight budgets for the year and have to come up with creative solutions to purchase our films. For that, we say THANK YOU for supporting us! MEF survives primarily on institutional film sales. Sales from our films allow us to continue to produce cutting-edge films. Please keep in mind that our pricing reflects extensive market research for the university, high school, nonprofit, and public library markets for AV materials. The majority of videos/DVDs purchased from us have non-theatrical screening rights factored into the price, which means that they may be viewed in non-theatrical/educational settings (as long as no admission is charged). This is not the case for popular commercial videos purchased from a video store or other retail provider, which accounts for the disparity in price. (Please note that some videos distributed by MEF but produced by other filmmakers do require additional fees for campus or community screenings that are held outside of a classroom or workshop setting.)

I am hosting a grassroots screening of one of your films and I would like to sell films at the event. May I do this, and can I order the films on consignment?
Yes, we allow grassroots screening organizers to resell films at their event. We will even give you a resellers discount, so your organization or group can raise some funds in the process. MEF grants consignment terms on a limited basis, usually to groups that are reselling our DVDs at an event and would like to make sure they have enough for sale. In order to provide consignment terms, MEF requires a credit card on file. We will not charge this card until the consignment terms are due. If the customer prefers to pay their balance with a check or money order, they should make sure to send this to arrive by their due date to avoid their card being charged. Films on consignment are due back in 30 days. Extended consignment terns may be granted at the discretion of MEF. MEF will send up to 50 DVDs on consignment. Any DVDs above this number must be pre-paid. more. . .

I am interested in buying one of your videos/DVDs for my own personal use. Is there a non-institutional price for individuals?
Yes. If you are purchasing the film for your personal collection and you are using it in a classroom or workshop, we do offer discounts at our discretion. Please call 1.800.897.0089 and inquire about reduced pricing. If you are purchasing the film for home-use only, login at the home-use licensing level. Not all films are available to purchase at home-use pricing online. Please call for a more complete list of films available for home-use pricing. Please note that when you purchase films at the individual price, you are not purchasing the public screening license, so you won’t be able to screen it in a classroom or in any other public place. We also recommend that individuals who wish to purchase our DVDs contact their local library so that all members of their community can have access to the program. Nonprofits and high schools working with low income populations might qualify for further reduced pricing. Please e-mail for more information.

How long will it take for me to receive a purchased video once I place an order?
Once we receive your order, we’ll do our best to process, invoice, and ship your DVDs within 48 hours. Orders are shipped via UPS Ground, and will arrive within 1-5 business days, depending on your location. Orders shipped to Post Office boxes will be shipped US Postal Priority, which will take 2-5 business days to reach most continental U.S. destinations. International orders are shipped via USPS International, and will take approximately 1-3 weeks for delivery. Orders shipped to destinations outside the U.S. must pass through customs, which may cause some delay. Please note that individual orders and orders placed from outside the U.S. require pre-payment and will not be processed until payment has been received.

Can MEF ship videos/DVDs to a Post Office Box or do I need to supply a street address?
We are able to ship via the U.S. Post Office Priority Mail service, which ships to P.O. Box addresses. However, please indicate if the shipping address is different than the billing address. Please note that orders shipped via USPS are not trackable, and we cannot guarantee their delivery time. Shipping via UPS to a physical address is MEF’s preferred method of shipping.

Can I preview a video before purchasing it?
Absolutely. Full-length previews are now available online for institutional purchase consideration! If you would like to preview the full-length video for institutional purchase, visit the Video Store, navigate to the video of your choice, and preview online free of charge. If you are unable to view our previews online and require a DVD-format preview, please call 1.800.897.0089 or email Shipping & handling charges may apply.

Are MEF videos closed-captioned?
The majority of our DVDs have English subtitles which are often a suitable substitution for closed-captions (Some VHS titles do have closed captioning, however VHS copies of most titles are available only while supplies last). Please check the detailed description of each film on our website to see whether it has been subtitled. Click here to see a list of films that are subtitled in languages other than English. If you require closed captioning, we often will grant permission for your school to do this. To request permission, please e-mail or call 1.800.897.0089.

If our school has purchased an MEF video, do we have permission to broadcast it on closed-circuit TV?
Yes. All purchased videos and DVDs are licensed for closed-circuit viewing within the institution that made the purchase. This licensing also includes satellite campus, and limited-access distance education broadcasting. In addition, all purchased videos and DVDs are licensed for classroom viewing and public screening where no admission is charged. This policy does not include “streaming” or “webcasting” MEF programs via an internet server (regardless if it’s password protected). For digital licensing information, click here.

Can we make copies of our video/DVD?
Duplication of our purchased or preview videos and DVDs is strictly prohibited unless you receive direct permission from the Media Education Foundation. However, we do generally permit school librarians to make an archival copy of a title purchased from MEF. Our DVDs are copy-protected. If you buy a DVD, additional copies of the same title can be purchased for $75 each. For bulk orders of 10 or more copies of the same title, please call 1.800.897.0089 for further discounts.

Does Media Education Foundation allow their programs to be broadcast on community access TV or other channels?
Normally, we do grant permission for broadcast on community access stations. Please contact us to request a broadcast permissions letter for the film you wish to broadcast. We ask only that our 800 number and web site be shown so that anyone interested in ordering a video for their institution may contact us. For all other forms of broadcast, permission, and licensing arrangements must be requested by contacting the Media Education Foundation by phone or e-mail.

If our school has purchased a MEF video, do we have the rights to stream the film on the internet?
In order to digitally stream an MEF film, you will need to purchase a digital license for the title. MEF currently offers multiple ways to stream films:

  • 1-year and 3-year hosted streaming subscriptions.
    Subscribe to individual titles or collection, and the streaming is hosted for you.
  • Digital Rights Management
    We deliver a file, and you handle the hosting.
  • 7-day streaming rental
    Need a film for your class for just one week? This short-term option will be great for you.

For information on our licenses, technical specifications, and ordering instructions, click here.

You may purchase digital licenses online with a credit card after agreeing to the terms and conditions. Alternatively, you may call 1.800.897.0089 to order digital licensing via phone.

What happens if a DVD I have purchased breaks, or is misplaced? Is there any discount available or would I have to pay full price again to replace the video?
MEF does offer a much-reduced replacement cost for DVDs that have been damaged or misplaced. Instead of the original institutional cost, the cost of a replacement copy is $75. This DVD includes the original public screening rights from the previously owned DVD.
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