Neighborhood Alert: Your Children Are Being Stalked


There are predators stalking your children in their schools, in your homes and just about everywhere kids go.  They are well organized and heavily funded and they are sanctioned by law to lure children to succumb and submit. In a society that never hesitates to brag about how our children are our most sacred priority, we sure do come up short when it comes to guarding them from certain rapacious solicitations.

We protect children from pedophiles, carnival rides, coarse language in films, choking hazards and sharp edges, but we virtually ignore the daily barrage of marketing pitches targeting children.

MEF Executive Director Sut Jhally speaks with David Pakman at the National Conference for Media Reform about the film Consuming Kids:

Corporations invest heavily in sophisticated studies of kids to calculate the most effective way to promote products and induct them as compliant customers. These companies are governed by the pursuit of profit and proclaim, without shame, that they are softening the ground for the cultivation of life-long consumers. Here is a clip from Consuming Kids.