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“No one knows this field better than McChesney”

- Matthew Rothschild, Editor of The Progressive

We’re thrilled to let you know we’re in production on a new film featuring renowned media scholar Robert McChesney.

Digital Disconnect, based on McChesney’s critically acclaimed book of the same title, explores the relationship between the Internet and democracy in the age of Google, Facebook, fake news, filter bubbles, and the alt-right.

In a sweeping analysis that moves from the birth of the Internet as a government-subsidized project to the explosion of social media today, the film shows how the revolutionary, democratizing potential of the Internet has been blunted by the monopoly control of a handful of tech monopolies, the rise of corporate and government surveillance, the full-scale collapse of journalism, and the encroachment of mind-numbing levels of commercialism.

Unlike other critiques that focus either on what the Internet is doing to individuals, or what individuals are doing with the internet, Digital Disconnect digs deeper and trains its sights squarely on what capitalism has done to the Internet — urging us to reclaim the democratizing potential of the digital revolution while we still can.

Digital Disconnect will be released in Spring 2018. Sign up for updates to know when this film is ready for pre-order!