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Michael Kimmel on Gender

Mars, Venus or Planet Earth? Men & Women in a New Millennium

Michael Kimmel on Gender

Duration: 54 min
ISBN: 1-932869-21-2
Date Produced: 2008
Subtitles: English

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Michael Kimmel on Gender
Mars, Venus or Planet Earth? Men & Women in a New Millennium

We've heard again and again that men and women are engaged in a "battle of the sexes," that we're so differently wired and so foreign to each other that we might as well come from different planets. In this powerful new lecture, renowned speaker and bestselling author Michael Kimmel (The Gendered Society, Manhood in America) turns this conventional wisdom on its head. With clarity and humor, Kimmel moves beyond the popular inter-planetary notion that "men are from Mars and women are from Venus" to advance a decidedly more earth-bound and inter-connected view of the things men and women have in common. This is an accessible and entertaining introduction to gender politics and gender theory - as intellectually informative as it is inspiring, and suited for use across a range of disciplines and courses.

Michael Kimmel

Michael Kimmel is among the leading researchers and writers on men and masculinity in the world today. The author or editor of more than twenty volumes, his books include Men Confront Pornography and the documentary history Against the Tide: Pro-Feminist Men in the United States, 1776-1990, which chronicled men who supported women's equality since the founding of the country.

Filmmaker Info

Producer: Sut Jhally
Editor: Jason Young
Camera: David Rabinovitz
Additional Camera: Sut Jhally, Christian Miess
Production Assistants: Jacquelyn Darling, Christian Miess, Scott Morris

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Praise for the Film

"I've never seen such a large audience of students turn out for a speaker - and be so completely involved during the entire presentation."
- College of New Jersey

"Kimmel is one of the most renowned and respected researchers on men and masculinities in the world [and] has traveled widely as a speaker and lectured for students, professionals, and politicians in classrooms, in public spaces, and at conferences all over America. He has acquired a style and competence in performing for larger audiences, which is clearly visible in this documentary film. Kimmel is able to unite ethos, pathos, and logos in a refined way. The combination of self-confidence and rhetorical precision makes the film very useful for the classroom. ...The combination of the performance and the topics Kimmel talks about -- gender and sexuality -- makes it an exciting hour to watch."
- Films for the Feminist Classroom

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