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The Politics of Apathy & Activism


Duration: 80 min
ISBN: 829567081921
Date Produced: 2012
Subtitles: English

Filmmaker Info
Praise for the Film

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The Politics of Apathy & Activism

A film by Phillip Montgomery

Ryan Gosling narrates this engrossing film about social activism, the forces that galvanized the Occupy movement, and how a new generation of young people is coming to terms with a rapidly changing world. The film skillfully weaves commentary from some of the country's leading political and social analysts with personal observations from a collective of young musicians, a tight-knit group of suburban high-school students, and a young conservative family, providing a nuanced look at the myriad challenges facing the next generation of Americans. The result is as personal as it is political, as much a portrait of the contemporary political scene as of a generation of young people finding their way in uncertain times.

Features Noam Chomsky, the late Howard Zinn, Adbusters' Kalle Lasn, Andrew Bacevich, Amy Goodman, Talib Kweli, Sut Jhally, and music from STS9.

Filmmaker Info

Writer and Director: Phillip Montgomery
Produced by: Matt DeRoss, Ryan Gosling, Joel Goulder, Jeremy Goulder
Narrated by: Ryan Gosling
Executive Producers: David Kanter, Paul Green, Eric Pirritt, Whitney Kroenke
Co-Produced by: Chris Baker, Blake DeRoss
Director of Photography: Kevin Krupitzer
Edited by: Brian Dickett, Phillip Montgomery
Original Music by STS9
Production Companies: Anonymous Content, Engine 7 Films

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Press Reviews

Praise for the Film

"A well-rounded documentary. Deconstruct[s] the way that people, and especially teens, absorb information from the media."
- Common Sense Media

"A timely documentary that takes an in-depth look at the reasons behind the Occupy movement, and the current state of social activism in the US."
- Indiewire

"Delivers a critical one-two punch by discussing how the media has depoliticized and atomized young people while forcing them into employment with longer hours than previous generations at stagnating or shrinking pay."
- Anthropology Review Database

"A sociological look at why the world is the way it is, why it seems to be spiraling out of control, and if there is any hope to change it."
- Reynolda Film Festival

- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Stands as a rallying cry for the new 'Me Generation' to rediscover a sense of community and to fight back against being turned into wage slave drones controlled by shadowy figures on high."
- Movieline

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