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No Logo

Brands, Globalization & Resistance

No Logo

Duration: 40 min
ISBN: 1-893521-85-0
Date Produced: 2003
Subtitles: English, French & Spanish

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No Logo
Brands, Globalization & Resistance

In the age of the brand, logos are everywhere. But why do some of the world's best-known brands find themselves on the wrong end of the spray paint can -- the targets of anti-corporate campaigns by activists and protesters?

No Logo, based on the best-selling book by Canadian journalist and activist Naomi Klein, reveals the reasons behind the backlash against the increasing economic and cultural reach of multinational companies. Analyzing how brands like Nike, The Gap, and Tommy Hilfiger became revered symbols worldwide, Klein argues that globalization is a process whereby corporations discovered that profits lay not in making products (outsourced to low-wage workers in developing countries), but in creating branded identities people adopt in their lifestyles.

Using hundreds of media examples, No Logo shows how the commercial takeover of public space, destruction of consumer choice, and replacement of real jobs with temporary work - the dynamics of corporate globalization - impact everyone, everywhere. It also draws attention to the democratic resistance arising globally to challenge the hegemony of brands.

Sections: No Space | No Choice | No Jobs | No Logo

Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein is an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist for the New York Times, and author. Two of her books The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies were both international bestsellers. In 2004, she released The Take, a feature documentary about Argentina's occupied factories, co-produced with director Avi Lewis.

Filmmaker Info

Executive Producers: Sut Jhally, Loretta Alper
Producer, Editor, Camera, Color: Kelly Garner

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Praise for the Film

"Not only inspires critical reflection... but prompts us to get up and fight for the kind of society that would truly be worth living in."
- Imre Szeman | Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition

"An engaging look at America's supersized consumer culture by one of its sharpest critics."
- Carrie McLaren | Editor, StayFree! Magazine

"Naomi Klein is a powerful voice in the movement to reclaim our culture from the overwhelming influence of corporations. [The video] No Logo continues her vital mission to educate consumers on the unsavory realities of the global economy, illustrating some of the history, economic reasoning, and severe international consequences behind our systems of mass-marketing and mass-production. Klein's insights are broad in scope, showing how our minds, our public space, our freedom of speech, and our jobs at home and abroad are all affected. I would love to see No Logo gain wide classroom exposure as more people become savvy to product-pushers and seek healthier options in the marketplace."
- Jennifer Errick | Center for a New American Dream

"Media Education Foundation's new video, No Logo, captures the essence of Naomi Klein's book in a format suited for large groups and audiences. It is a valuable resource for any group or organization working around issues of justice, including, trade, sweatshops, and culture jamming. Klein's research demonstrates the pervasiveness of corporate branding in both society and our minds, demonstrating some of the most important dangers that come with hyper-capitalism -- namely, the loss of freedom. I hope that everybody gets a chance to see this film."
- Tim Weintzen, Harvard University

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