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Understanding Hookup Culture

What's Really Happening on College Campuses

Understanding Hookup Culture

Duration: 30 min
ISBN: 1-932869-49-2
Date Produced: 2011
Subtitles: English

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Understanding Hookup Culture
What's Really Happening on College Campuses

According to a wave of recent new reports and high-profile books, "hookup" culture is in the process of replacing traditional dating on college campuses -- radically altering how young people think about intimacy and sex, and liberating young women from patriarchal rituals and norms. But for anyone looking to get a handle on these allegedly transformative changes, there's been little beyond speculation and anecdotal evidence. This presentation by Stanford University's Paula England, a leading researcher in the sociology of gender, clarifies the issue. Mobilizing extensive research, England begins to chart whether hookup culture represents a real challenge to the old gender order, or whether we're simply seeing traditional gender norms dressed up in new social forms. Especially suitable for courses in gender, sociology, psychology, and sexuality.

Paula England

Paula England is Professor of Sociology and an affiliate of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University. Her research focuses on gender inequality in labor markets, and on how changes in family life are affected by the gender and class systems. She is a former editor of the American Sociological Review.

Filmmaker Info

Produced & Directed by Sut Jhally
Editor: Jason Young

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Praise for the Film

"Understanding Hookup Culture sheds some much-needed factual light on a troubling trend in the eyes of many American adults. It does not engage in moralizing, nor should it. The film should motivate some interesting discussion and questions, and it may also contribute to the wider American dialog about not just what college students and young singles are doing but what we want them to do and what social, emotional, and physical consequences their choices make. Suitable for college courses in cultural anthropology, anthropology of sexuality/gender, and American studies, as well as general audiences."
- Jack David Eller | Anthropology Review Database

"In Understanding Hookup Culture, sociology professor Paula England presents an engaging lecture about her research on heterosexual relationships on college campuses. Drawing on both qualitative and quantitative data, she offers definitions of 'hookups,' 'dating,' and 'relationships'; she illustrates that hookups sometimes do and sometimes do not lead to relationships; and she argues that, despite the fact that the current hookup culture may be relatively new, it continues to be gendered in traditional ways. Given that the data England presents are rich, challenging, intriguing, and put into question many assumptions both students and instructors may hold about gender and campus culture, the discussions in our classrooms should be productive and rewarding."
- Films for the Feminist Classroom | Sarah Projansky, University of Utah

"The statistics and data that England produces are convincing and sobering. I would recommend the video for use in the classroom and community."
- Maureen C. McHugh | Sex Roles: A Journal of Research

"Thanks to Paula England, we know what's really happening in hookup culture. This valuable lecture will give students lots to talk about!"
- Lisa Wade, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Sociology at Occidental College


American Sociological Association meeting | Las Vegas | August 20-23, 2011

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